Program of the Autumn Business School

The Autumn School "Entrepreneurship and Business Engineering" edition 7 takes place between September and December 2019, and will be carried out by means of virtual mobility (working together by means of distance communication) and video lectures/feedback as well as physical mobility, to finish and wrap up the project. On this page you can find some more information about the way this event works.

The idea behind the International Autumn School is to provide a rich learning context to enable the students to learn about doing an in-depth analysis of the Russian or Western European market for a foreign company. Some of the questions that the participants will tackle are: What kind of competitors this company will have there? What would be a good strategy for entering the Russian/Western European market? And what would be the risks? These and other important questions will be dealt with in the program. All the participants will get the company assignment and detailed instructions, and will have access to on-line platforms for sharing work and documents. The business assignments usually focus on innovative small and medium sized businesses (often technology start-ups).

The participants of this 7th Autumn Business School will be combined in multi-national teams to do this research project together. In this way, not only will there be a lot of expertise on different markets available in the teams, but also it will teach students to work under (a bit of) pressure in completing a challenging assignment for a real business. If you would like to develop your knowledge and skills in international business, and would like to invest some time in getting it done and getting some international experience, then this program is certainly for you!

If you are a student and would like to take part in the Autumn Business School, please fill the application form on this website in the "Apply" section. We as team of organizers and tutors will be delighted to take you with us on a journey to explore the world of international business and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, we will not be able to select all students who apply, even though we would wish to... unfortunately we have only enough capacity to guide a limited number of teams. Participants will be selected on basis of their motivation letter and CV. So..., what more can we say? Don't hesitate and sign up for this great experience here at this website!

Important dates/deadlines for the 7th Autumn School.

1 August 2019 - Application opens
10 September 2019 - Deadline for applications
15 September 2019 - Announcement of the list of participants of the school & meeting with the clients of the assignments.
10 October 2019 - Deadline for submission of the plan of approach of each individual team
29 October 2019 - Deadline for submitting the final project plan.
25 November - 29 November 2019 - Intensive project week for all participants (at Lomonosov Moscow State University)
29 November 2019 - Presentation of the plan for the client.
15 December 2019 - Deadline for submitting the final report

Important documents / Project management approach

Instructions for the project / teamwork

Template for the plan of approach

Template for the final project plan

Guidelines for preparing the final presentation

We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!
The organizing team of the Autumn Business School

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